RFID Products UHF (860-960MHz)

1, Ultra Small Package Tag:
 - Ultra Small Package Tag built-in antenna is developed for item level control, especially for very small and under harsh environment items which current existing tag can not apply. And easy to expand read range with booster antenna. Therefore the tag is able to covert to many kind of tag as usage and purpose.

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2, Document Tag:

 - Document tag is a RFID label tag which optimized for a volume of documents and files to control properly. Especially readable minimum space of documents is 1.2mm. It achieve extremely efficient work for inventory clearance and picking target of document.

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3, Metallic Tag:

 - Metallic tag is weldable, and attached to metal metal surface quicker than other method such as screw and rivet. The tag is outer covering with stainless, and is able to apply to management and maintenance of equipment, facilities and metal materials under harsh environment.

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